Ireland snatch Six Nations title

Brian O’Driscoll added another piece of silver in an already considerable collection, and the man with whom he partook the Irish leadership for much of the past ten years left Murrayfield for the very last time on a Six Nations evening with the championship title, a winner’s medal across his neck as well as the extolments of his coach ringing in his ears.

For Paul O’Connell, it was his 101st cap while his 51st cap in Six Nations tournament. He has a contract with the Irish board till 2016’s June but has hinted that a celebrated Test career could finish after this autumn’s World Cup. It is certain that he has said he anticipated any appearance in autumn at Twickenham to be his very last.

When it was asked by titanbet, O’Connell said that he does not know if this it. It has been great 8 weeks. It is great to win a championship in any era. He added that if it does finish then it is a good way to finish and if it doesn’t finish it will be a great memory to have.

He told that he has spent a lot of years in close calls, and they would be very proud of what they have done in the past 8 weeks, in terms of how they have addressed certain things in their performance, in defense, attack and their resolve to come out and produce a good performance like that after losing last week.

Rugby Getting “Boring”: Hansen

Steve Hansen, the famous coach from All Blacks, has reportedly expressed concerns about rugby’s future, fearing that the sport is getting boring lately.

The coach is this worried that he is even calling up important personalities from the rugby community to alter the gameline to make the sport more interesting. He spent the previous weekend on Rugby Worlds fact-finding mission as he watched Wales winning over France in the French capital & Ireland emerging triumphant against England at the Irish capital in Six Nations championship. And the game that he saw in these two matches made him tensed about the future of this sport.

Hansen believes that at its highest level, rugby has become much concentrated on the defence part, it’s all about too much of kicking & there isn’t enough running or enough tries these days. According to the rugby veteran, the fans might get turned off by this sport soon.

“I have actually got huge concerns regarding about this game at this very moment as not sufficient tries are being scored & that’s turning our fans away. What I feel is that both coaches and players have some responsibility towards the game. We’re always getting defensive very quickly but what I feel is that we have most probably got extreme with it. We should be responsible towards the game & if we are not that conscious, then we won’t have running rugby any more”, remarked Hansen.

“There’re just 3 tries in 2 games that I went for a watch last weekend. Nobody is eager to go for the risk since they’re going to belted behind advantage line in case they went to move ball”, he continued.

“If we have to pull in our fans to watch our games, then we should look to score more tries as this is what which pleases the fans.”