Ritchie Announces Retirement From RFU

Chief executive of Rugby Football Union (RFU) Ian Ritchie has made the announcement that he will end his tenure and will take retirement at the end of the 2017 summer.

Ritchie is now 63-year-old and he joined the RFU in 2012. During his tenure of five years, he has seen many titles for the team this includes Six Nations Grand Slam men’s teams and in 2014 World Cup title for the women’s team.

According to William Hill, the team are favourites to win the next Six Nations tournament too!

While sharing this news Ritchie said, “Rugby is a sport that is special to me and the one which is really hard to leave. I feel honored and privileged that I have been the part of this wonderful team and got the opportunity to lead the team.”

He further added that, “I am proud to work with many passionate, committed and talented teams at each and every level of the union and of the game.”

Prior to heading RFU, Ritchie was headed the All England Club (AEC).

After the announcement of retirement, RFU intends to find the replacement of Ritchie by the end of the 2017 summer.

Mark McCafferty in an interview shared his feeling on the retirement of Ritchie and said, “He has contributed a lot in the development of team in past five years, he is the person, we feel like doing business with him. During his tenure, he maintained a good balance between country and club.”

“Though, we haven’t met personally for more time, but we have a good amount of sharing and business between us, and this is the way the English system has to work.”

The complete working period of Ritchie with RFU was good and he never let the team face any disappointment except a couple of times. The team will miss his working period surely.

Scots Farewell Wins For Coach

The game between Scotland and Italy ended with a score of 29-0.

This was also the game where Murrayfield saw the last game under coach Vern Cotter for Scotland. Hence a tribute was paid to the coach by the fans at the stadium as he handed over his charge to his successor. Finn Russell on the other hand scored in this game after 27 minutes into the game. This was probably a pressure that he has been feeling from his team mates which finally helped him to perform.

The game had a lot of drama that kept the fans engaged. John Barclay as Scotland’s captain was put back from the field as Italy protested. The game was probably the best goodbye Vern Cotter could have expected as it was his final game as their coach. The visiting team was denied any chance of scoring at the Murrayfield game venue. This was probably a first in the history of matches of Six Nations. Cotter has definitely made a mark as showcased by his team’s performance in this field.

The team won comfortably as well as gaining bonus points. There were tries by Matt Scott, Finn Russell, Tommy Seymour and Tim Visser. The Scots were able to triumph in every game they played on home grounds which has been a first in eleven years. The final tally is a high one as well, which comprises of 14 points and 14 tries. After the final whistle was blown, it was time for celebrations. Hoggs led the way. With a bonus point victory the farewell for the coach was a sweet one indeed. Cotter had been coaching for Scotland for three years and he was emotional when it was time for him to leave. The match day was a truly eventful one for the players, the coach and the fans.