Dan Carter To Play For French Team Racing Metro Next Year

No rugby player will earn as much as Dan Carter Will after he starts playing for the French team Racing Metro next year. He will play for the team for three years according to the contract signed between Carter and the team. He made the announcement on Thursday, 18th December.

Carter played for the New Zealand national rugby union team 102 times. He is 32 years old now. Carter will move to France after the next year’s Rugby World Cup. Regarding playing for the French team, Carter said that it would be an adventure for him as well as his family. He said that the culture of the French and also their rugby culture are known to him and he further added that he likes it. Carter didn’t speak about how much he would be paid but reports indicate that he would be paid 1.5 million Euros annually. Carter said that he is emotional about not being able to play for New Zealand but he took this decision because of financial reasons.

Carter playing for the French team would mean that he would not be able to continue his test career because of the fact that the New Zealand National team does not include players in the team who are playing in foreign countries. Carter became the best rugby player in the world two times. Carter is no longer the only choice for the New Zealand number 10 jersey after Beauden Barrett and Aaron Cruden came to the limelight. Steve Hansen, the coach of the New Zealand National Rugby Union Team considers that Carter can still perform well in the international matches. He said that he’d very much like to see him play for the New Zealand Team in the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Hansen also said that Carter is not done playing for New Zealand just yet.