Last Thursday saw the Scottish review of the Six Nations campaign. Andy Robinson has overseen the worst season in recent history for Scottish Rugby.

Their dismal Six Nations performance and resulting wooden spoon followed on from the worst World Cup performance Scotland have ever had with a failure to get out of their group for the first time ever.

Having spoken to Robinson, SRU chief Mark Dodson confirmed that the Englishman would stay in his post. There was no real opposition to this decision within Murrayfield due in no small part to the lucrative deal in place to keep Robinson in his job until after the 2015 World Cup. The mess Scotland have got themselves into with large portions of Robinson’s staff also tied down to long contracts and two new faces arriving in the next month make Robinson almost unsackable.

Prior to Dodson’s arrival at the SRU it was Gordon McKie who gave Robinson the contract extension that has tied the two together for the foreseeable future. At the time Robinson and Scotland were seemingly making progress, so much so that there was seemingly a real threat that an English Premiership side may be interested in prising the Englishman away from Murrayfield.

At the time the long contract seemed to be the best option on the table but it has seemingly bound the two together regardless of how dark days seem for Scotland. By the time it becomes financially viable to sack Robinson it will be too close to 2015 to do so. And so it seems that the set up will be in place for another three and a half years.

At a time when England are again improving, Wales are looking a good rugby bet for any tournament they enter, Italy are continuing to improve, France are looking better than they have in a long time and Ireland are rebuilding for 2015 it seems Scotland run the risk of being left behind all of their Six Nations rivals.