One of the most popular game played worldwide is rugby. It is just a different type of running game, quite similar to soccer but with some major changes. This team game of 15 players on each side is played with an oval-shaped ball. The players are allowed to kick, carry, and pass the ball from one hand to the other.

This very popular “boy’s game” is controlled by the International Rugby Board who also fix the rules of the game. The players wear shirts, shorts, socks and special boots and for the game. Rule-makers allow some minimal padding for extra protections. A total time of 80 minutes is allotted for both the rugby teams with a break of 10 minutes each. As match officials, two touch judges and one match referee can be present during the game. They really provide great support and service to the players.

The field is specially designed for the game and the rules are similar to soccer where the highest point scorers beat the opponents. Here the players go for “scoring tries” where they try to ground the ball behind the goal line (already marked in the field) of the opponent. For each try they can score 5 points. One can also score points by simply kicking at the opponent’s goal.

As a very basic rule of rugby, any player can score a try. He needs to kick the ball both over the cross bar and between the uprights. More the number of tries scored by each, that too nearer to the goal posts, better is the chance of winning for the team. Some rugby players reveal that its feels terrific while they are on the field, because of the sheer excitement and thrill they experience while they move around with the ball. It is indeed a great game to play!