Sergio Parisse fails to mend his ways, penalized yet again

These days rugby players challenging the decision of referee in a loud and offensive manner is becoming a common phenomenon. Sergio Parisse has done such a thing before and still continues to commit such offences. Last year he was banned for insulting an official but that hasn’t taught him the lesson apparently. He got a penalty which gave Stade Francais the advantage last weekend, all because of misbehaving with the referee. Challenging the referee in a rugby match is something the fans don’t like to see.
However the players who challenge the referee off field are often stigmatized as “trouble makers”.
It was seen when the English and French clubs were questioning if the European competitions were really exhibiting their best potential.
Even individuals of the likes of Bruce Craig and Nigel Wray who have invested a large amount of their money in Bath and Saracens were also identified as villains by some.
Seemingly Mourad Boudjellal’s words are almost all the times considered nonsensical.
It is beyond doubt that the president of the Toulon club is exuberant by nature, but he is in the end, owner of the club and hence his complaint of having to pay his internationals while the team is playing Tests.
It is common perception that the unions are good and the benefactors are bad when the benefactors are contributing to a large extent to keep the professional rugby up and running and consequently deserves to have their say.
English Rugby team has been criticized for introducing a new jersey for the next competition, yet another jersey will be made for the following competition. And it is pretty clear that there is not much difference in the style of the jersey.
Not only the RFU but also the Newport Gwent Dragons are doing the same thing, introducing new kits for each new season.