The SA Rugby Team Becomes All Inclusive

For gay men and all others who have shied away from rugby or any other team games that they have felt would not include their kind, can now be encouraged with a recent event that has occurred.

Africa has launched its first inclusive rugby club that includes gay men as well. It is definitely a bold initiative and would help the club to get more players.

Located in Johannesburg, it is the first of its kind, a bold initiative by an African rugby club. It is a campaign that is spearheaded by Head of Havas, PR South Africa. It is none other than Chris Verrijdt who has started this initiative. Players of a rugby team have been shot in a PR campaign with derogatory terms that showcase the common perception of the public of these people. He states that the campaign is meant to disrupt the general trend but be sensitive at the same time for the players. Many are still coming to terms with their family members or friends and hence, they needed to be involved in every part of the project. The bravery of each player involved in the campaign and initiative needs to be appreciated. The campaign will definitely start conversations and thoughts in different directions and would question all those who have shown their faces in support of the campaign. For a team like Jozi Cats, it is an initiative that has come at the right time. It definitely will open doors for recruiting players for the team which is often a challenge.

Jozi Cats has been started as a team that would enable many players to be openly gay as well as pursue their dream of playing rugby in South Africa. The club will allow these players to play competitive rugby and have a safe social platform for themselves. It would also attract others who feel that they cannot be open about their sexual orientation in this sport.